Vive LaFrance: Life as I know it

When the Craziness of Life is Not from Chronic Illness… This Time

Not everyone with acromegaly has their life permanently altered. What a blessing. My blessing comes in the form of strength — not physical strength but perseverance, kinda strength. You’d think life is hard enough with all of my physical issues... Continue Reading →

It’s Been an Acro-Centric Year…

Acromegaly awareness day… Once again it’s one day. What did you become aware of? Still can’t pronounce it… Acro-what? It’s still too much growth hormone but what does too much growth hormone do? Since last November first, I’ve had my... Continue Reading →

6° of Separation? Close the Gap. Start a Conversation!

On the eve of another Acromegaly Awareness Day... What has anyone learned since last year? What does anyone do? My beautiful God-sister is 22, bright, charming, ditzy at times (She’ll say I’m annoying and extra for the "ditzy" addition. But... Continue Reading →

Acromegaly: Issue 849 – Big Tongue Syndrome

Less than a month ago my husband was offered a job in NYC. We need this! ....And beyond ready to move back north. He delayed starting to be home for my tongue electrocution procedure. That would be, RF (radio frequency)... Continue Reading →

We All Need to Take a Break

  It took me a month to write about my road trip with my mom. It ran right into my long weekend away with Paul. It’s been a long tough year and "vacations" don’t usually happen without visiting family and... Continue Reading →

Don’t Cheat Yourself of Memories

My mom turned 70 in June. My dad wasn’t up for a grand tour — so he sent me!… To Jersey (thanks dad)! Yep. I’m a Jersey girl (By way of Massachusetts). My mom wanted to have coffee with friends she... Continue Reading →

Yes, I had my Jaw Broken… On Purpose

So, what is surgery like… First of all, I did not go for a mid-line (middle of two front teeth). The list of complications outweighed the benefit for my particular situation. I did a semi-hemi 🤣 First braces and braces... Continue Reading →

Acromegaly: Issue 645: The Tale of 5 Surgeons

When health storylines approached me about being an ambassador for Acromegaly, I had already done a months worth of acro posts in 2016. All the beginner stuff. Please scroll through. You can find what you’re looking for but after the... Continue Reading →

Be Where You Are…

Before I knew I had more than just migraines I was a graphic designer (Still am —you don't lose that!). My job and my passion was working for nonprofits. I have always been artistic. I have always painted. Pain makes... Continue Reading →

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