Vive LaFrance: Life as I know it

What Did September Bring…

September brought a long awaited visit from my mommy. The current state of the world makes everything unnecessarily complicated. The week went too fast but we were so happy she was here. Wk 4…. PALILA Hawaiian forest bird I completed... Continue Reading →

I Am Fireproof

We plan, God laughs — it’s a good thought to remember. “Jesus I trust in you“ is my faithful prayer. August has had many ups and downs. My pain has been up which makes me kind of down… No not... Continue Reading →

Never Lose Sight

July has been an interesting month. We spent time with old friends and their growing families.… Hold a crying 1 1/2 year-old until he cuddles in and goes to sleep fills my soul. A wedding that was a first anniversary... Continue Reading →


What would one say if I decided it was best to listen to all these doctors and seek mental health therapy and search for the end result of meditating myself out of crippling pain? If I went, I would already... Continue Reading →

Out of Context…

In my last post I ended up in a different direction. I did mention my pain management appointment was canceled two hours before it was scheduled to begin. It was rescheduled – he was late that day. I was an... Continue Reading →

I Thought This Update Would Be Different… It’s Not.

So, the orthopod was a “hip doctor only“ stress on the only — over and over. She was very nice, understanding and thorough. She actually had me do more than “push your leg against my hand as hard as you... Continue Reading →

Due Diligence

Late August 2020, we decided enough with this nonsense, we need more room, we need to be back to two bathrooms, a deck, green space – a grill! But before I can move anywhere I have to search for doctors.... Continue Reading →

“Creativity Knows No Barriers” ….Brilliant!

I’ve been wanting to do more blog posts — they run through my head. I do like pen to paper first… Dictate into the phone – fix those crazy dictation errors… Then it doesn’t make it here but I have... Continue Reading →

Faith. Hope. Charity.

This Article was the last Sunday of the first "Sunday Sessions" 27Dec2020. Kara LaFrance is an avid artist, graphic designer and rare disease advocate for acromegaly. We are proud to welcome Kara as the final writer in our deeply moving... Continue Reading →

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