Vive LaFrance: Life as I know it

Due Diligence

Late August 2020, we decided enough with this nonsense, we need more room, we need to be back to two bathrooms, a deck, green space – a grill! But before I can move anywhere I have to search for doctors.... Continue Reading →

“Creativity Knows No Barriers” ….Brilliant!

I’ve been wanting to do more blog posts — they run through my head. I do like pen to paper first… Dictate into the phone – fix those crazy dictation errors… Then it doesn’t make it here but I have... Continue Reading →

Faith. Hope. Charity.

This Article was the last Sunday of the first "Sunday Sessions" 27Dec2020. Kara LaFrance is an avid artist, graphic designer and rare disease advocate for acromegaly. We are proud to welcome Kara as the final writer in our deeply moving... Continue Reading →


Kara LaFrance Shares Her Journey with Acromegaly -   Carrying On the Fight 20/10/2020 This story was previous published on Rare Revolution Magazine for their week of Acromegaly information and stories leading up to November First. The Official Acromegaly Awareness Day.... Continue Reading →

When COVID-19 Shut Down Her Therapies, Painting Became The Ultimate Pain Medicine

GUEST POST: Originally Published on Folks. For 24 years, artist Kara LeFrance has turned to art to help control her chronic pain. But when the pandemic shut down her ketamine treatments, her painting took on new urgency. Robin Kavanaugh — August 5... Continue Reading →

When the Doctor You Trusted is a Coward

Yep I said it. Or I could say lazy and disinterested. When your answers need to come from a professional – that means a doctor yet they do nothing. It has been a strange world and I wrote this along... Continue Reading →

So It’s Been a Year….

I had no intention of not writing here, in this space. I'm am ready to come back starting with posting WEGO Health's 2019 Acromegaly Awareness post. It will quickly have a follow up because who knew... Acromegaly Awareness: You’re Very... Continue Reading →

New Diagnosis

Don’t Tell Me it’s All in My Head, Doctor. I’ve known — inherently known — that I have some autoimmune issues. Seems to be an underlying factor with acromegaly. You find a line here and there in articles with some... Continue Reading →

Faith Remains

Last Monday, at the start of Holy Week, Notre Dame burned. That first day we watched in horror and wondered if all was lost. I cried that day. My heart hurt. The world watched …People posted photos of their trips... Continue Reading →

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