Vive LaFrance: Life as I know it

Do You Remember to Look at the Clouds?

Remembering the bright spot in each day, week… month is important. That’s also why I take photos of me and Paul on little every day outings – just enjoying life. Flowers, beer, clouds, us... Also, we take turns singing at... Continue Reading →

Have I….

Thoughts run through my mind but my head is too cloudy to remember… thinking over the month of May… Did it go fast or slow? Have I accomplished anything? Have I made any decisions? Progress with health?  Static. All I... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Keep This Blog?

Well, It forces me to contemplate things that maybe I wouldn’t otherwise have taken the time to express. It is cathartic. It also has the opportunity for someone to stumble upon it and affirm that they are not alone, usually,... Continue Reading →


My February glucagon test proved fruitful. I have no growth hormone, none! I need "some" at the very least without even taking into consideration that my body worked on much higher levels of GH most of my life before the... Continue Reading →

Validation, an Unfortunate Necessity

I’ve told many tales of doctors trying to gaslight me — all true. I’ve mentioned my functional medicine doctor. He is quite brilliant, alas, the evil overlords of insurance companies hold my health in the balances.  You see I have... Continue Reading →

Art is Subjective

What is good art? Well that depends on you, your preferences and tastes. Art, first and foremost does not exist to be political!Yes, yes it has been made a tool for division. Art is subjective. Go ahead, say it is... Continue Reading →

Find Joy

Keeping a legitimate blog takes time and extra effort for the chronically ill… I’m impressed with those who do so much. I first write it out. Pen to paper feels best. Followed by dictation in to the phone which is helpful,... Continue Reading →

Where the Heck Did Tradition Go?!

I wrote this last night. Posting is a whole other process.... After Paul and I took a walk through the snow showers I now sit here by the fire watching the snow gently falling and I’m feeling philosophical… It’s November... Continue Reading →

Faith in Healing

I always post at the end of the month – often the very last day so it counts for the month. The struggle is real. I get a lot of curveballs thrown at me. As the doctor told me last... Continue Reading →

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