I’m a mixed breed… I have this chronic illness that touches every single part of my life and that needs to be respected by me and anyone who comes in contact with me. But that does not take away from my personality, my convictions, my talent, my passions, my beliefs, my love of lovely things, jewelry, makeup, shoes come on I’m still a girl… and this blog is called Life As I Know It because it encompasses all of it.

As a disabled person —as in not able to work due to disease —I like to do small projects that come my way. I love design and I want my clients happy and in love with their work.

I recently, as in last week, start with a woman who might have been a good, on going, small scale client… But I had my reservations. I should have listened to that intuition. I usually do… WOW —week from hell! I fired her. Then she wrote me a letter saying I know nothing about marketing, I might be artsy but marketing is out of my league. Hey lady, it’s branding and I’m actually pretty good at it. She also said I think I’m superior than all other designers, lack humility and grace. Ha! 

Good thing I don’t need her approval.

I went to Facebook to delete her and she already had posted her own design —oh, look, on  the invite she took my advice  (but I know nothing ) and took out all the text. Yes designer friends, it had 95% too much text on an 8.5 by 11 page 🙄. It was incredible painful. And true to designer-nightmare-form she said there’s TOO MUCH WHITE SPACE…put things behind it. I said no and you really need to cut the text. She compromised with herself, used a photo background and used 20 words instead of 150. Hey at least I was right!

But why am I writing this… eh, feel like putting it out there and because I know my worth. You always need to know you’re own worth. 

I know my capabilities.

I never apologize for who I am.

I do not lie. I do not sugarcoat.

I am strong. Opinionated and above all else HONEST.

Don’t let people walk all over you. I do however, wish I fired her on Wednesday not Friday… boo!! 

Don’t write 9 paragraph, condescending letters at 2 AM and hit send. (Yes, she did and considers herself a “life coach”) 

Life is funny… Follow your gut. If your intuition is a little faulty —as in not giving you a straight yes or no —take the time to discern. If you can’t discern and are willing and able….just pass. 

I learned… I confirmed my feelings/beliefs early on but got swayed. Ugh! 🙄

I would rather have been painting.

Don’t belittle people because you find you don’t work well together.

Know you can always walk away!

I have issues with overly sensitive, passive-aggressive, who don’t-like-to-hear-the-truth people. I mistakenly thought she was able to hear the truth. I was wrong. Yes I said it..I was wrong…my husband just passed out.🤣

The people who are refreshed by my honestly,  I’ll keep. 

Let people go. Hit delete. Move on.

Believe in yourself. 

You are worth it. I know I am.

I’m mad at myself… Because I knew, deep down and maybe not so deep that I didn’t want to be associated with her and instead of having an enjoyable week I had a stressed-out one. I wanted to paint. I needed to rest. But I made a commitment.

But now it’s over and so is this post if you read to the end thank you. I hope you take something away for yourself in your own life. I’m and ready for the new week to begin!