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When the Doctor You Trusted is a Coward

Yep I said it. Or I could say lazy and disinterested. When your answers need to come from a professional – that means a doctor yet they do nothing. It has been a strange world and I wrote this along... Continue Reading →

So It’s Been a Year….

I had no intention of not writing here, in this space. I'm am ready to come back starting with posting WEGO Health's 2019 Acromegaly Awareness post. It will quickly have a follow up because who knew... Acromegaly Awareness: You’re Very... Continue Reading →

New Diagnosis

Don’t Tell Me it’s All in My Head, Doctor. I’ve known — inherently known — that I have some autoimmune issues. Seems to be an underlying factor with acromegaly. You find a line here and there in articles with some... Continue Reading →

Faith Remains

Last Monday, at the start of Holy Week, Notre Dame burned. That first day we watched in horror and wondered if all was lost. I cried that day. My heart hurt. The world watched …People posted photos of their trips... Continue Reading →

March… the Month of Appointments

I spent January and February switching my insurance to a New York provider, searching for doctors and asking friends and people I have met along the way for doctors names. Next, I started with calling the hospitals with these doctors,... Continue Reading →

But It’s Ok

After a nomadic end to 2018 we arrived in New York on December 28. Still feeling unsettled, having a to buy all new furniture – we moved in with an air mattress, iPad, computer, two mugs, two bowls and some... Continue Reading →

When the Craziness of Life is Not from Chronic Illness… This Time

Not everyone with acromegaly has their life permanently altered. What a blessing. My blessing comes in the form of strength — not physical strength but perseverance, kinda strength. You’d think life is hard enough with all of my physical issues... Continue Reading →

It’s Been an Acro-Centric Year…

Acromegaly awareness day… Once again it’s one day. What did you become aware of? Still can’t pronounce it… Acro-what? It’s still too much growth hormone but what does too much growth hormone do? Since last November first, I’ve had my... Continue Reading →

6° of Separation? Close the Gap. Start a Conversation!

On the eve of another Acromegaly Awareness Day... What has anyone learned since last year? What does anyone do? My beautiful God-sister is 22, bright, charming, ditzy at times (She’ll say I’m annoying and extra for the "ditzy" addition. But... Continue Reading →

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