So even with all my awareness spreading (or attempts at it) I’ve been following the AIP diet (autoimmune Paleo). Full disclosure, after three days, I needed to add back in coffee and my essential oil digestZen blend because if you can’t poop – nothing works!

What have I found.

1. It’s still hard for me to eat three times a day but I’m trying.

2. I’m doing OK eating veggies and a mini beef or lamb burger for breakfast– Who knew.
….well for the first week. I never got this up and so here I am at the end of week two. Veggies easy. Meat hard.

3. Dinners are awesome…still awesome even on week two. 

4.  A half of an orange and a few organic dates won’t kill me when I need something else at night…it’s week two and I’ve done less oranges and a few extra dates a few times and it’s too much. It’s gotta go. And then I have a really bad headache, I want comfort and that is chocolate. SIGH! I didn’t do it… just sayin’

5. I’m down 2.4 pounds in one week. This is amazing since I lost my adrenals two years ago I just keep gaining. I’ve already been Paleo for 8 years but the pain situation has limited exercise. I just keep going up. I’m tired of being discouraged. Was down more but not today…hmmnn….to many dates is gonna equal inflammation. I just needed a piece of dark chocolate! 

6. Actually even more amazing, despite a high level of pain I find myself in a very happy mood… Not like I was in a bad mood but I was never thinking wow, I’m happy, La la La la la. So something to it. I wonder what it is. By second week my husband sees energy in me. Not sure but his observations are always interesting. 

It’s only been one week so I’m praying for pain decreases — which is lowering inflammation. ..It’s been just about 2 weeks and still praying. 

The idea is to keep at it until all symptoms are gone and then add back  — I’ll give it time but not sure if it’s a full-on-pain answer. So I’ll keep at it… Probably 6-8 weeks and then start adding back…gonna be tricky with an Easter trip in there. 

I will never stop trying to feel better… EVER!