There are so many beauty-product reviewers out there for clean makeup looking for attention…but no one is addressing the concerns of those of us who are chronically ill, have a hyper-sensitive skin and hyper-sensitive smell (This is my biggest issue).

I understand natural scents, but even those can be migraine triggers. Any “perfume” or added scents are no-no’s.  

Today I’m starting with the basics. I’m still working on cleaning-up my makeup routine.

Part of chronic illness is “do I have the energy for makeup… but I really look beat up today so I should…” Depends on what I’m doing, where I’m going and if I care. I always want to care but sometimes it’s not the first priority. 

I’m really happy with the selections of clean products out there. I’m tired of all the chemicals and endocrine disruptors.

I decided to start at the bottom… the FIRST LAYER! I always focus on my big eyes. I went through all my options and decided to give Alima Pure a shot. I purchased their powder concealer in linen and ink (black) eyeliner… Ya know, the basics.

You have to remember I’m on disability, so money and pain are factors. Somedays it needs to be easy and quick (I say money is a factor, but I will save up for the best products, but being able to try it first is a really big help).

Alima Pure is the perfect price point. 

Eyelids Not Too Dark Today! Definitely Need Some Help!

No scent. No irritation. 

I’m pretty happy with the ingredient list!

The concealer covers the illness and exhaustion and blends seamlessly into my skin tone. My eyes look healthy so “you don’t look sick” is locked and loaded by those I meet. lol

I also do not feel this make up. It is truly weightless. I can’t stand feeling makeup. I just love the way it looks.

The black eyeliner glides nicely. I only wish they included a blender tip on the other end. Not every application goes on smoothly. With nerve complications in my hands, some days blending is an extra necessity!  

Concealer, Eyeliner, Mascara…Done!!

I’d love it if they threw in a sharpener with the first purchase. But hey, that’s just me.

I’m currently using Josie Maran mascara which I do love but I look forward to exploring. 

I need a simple clean eyeshadow palette, 2-3 colors. I want it to be simple/nude/natural and have the ability to go smoky. …ok maybe not nudes. I love grays! 

I have hazel eyes that lean towards shades of green. I’d love suggestions directly from companies and beauty mavens using clean products.


Lips are Up Next. What do I want? Taking suggestions!

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