I was going to write about The “cheating” of the Rare Artist Competition for people with Rare Disease. But why? Because I need it off my chest. I’m not great at tolerating lies and cowards.
People lied.
People cheated.
People ignored.

Instead – what should be done? A Rare Disease Art show that is juried by real artists (not a Facebook vote and “rare artist committee” …who show their partiality).

It Would Not Be an Afterthought.

  1. Artwork must be submitted and excepted by the jury, by a deadline.
  2. 2. Three prizes for first second and third Place
  3. Publicized EXTENSIVELY

A wise man said to me – think about how badly someone must think of themselves that they would cheat to win in a rare disease art competition. And in my opinion steal – $500 gift card for first prize. Of course only a few cheated. Others didn’t know. Others did not promote. I’m also suppose to say I “suspect cheating” ...whatever. I have my proof and at the very least the voting system was broken. Sigh, yes, I reported it. I was ignored. So much for honesty and integtrity. Thanks “non-profit” for taking care of me and my rare disease. But I digress…

Does everything have to do with the illness? Of course not. We’re still people. Artists working in all mediums could join in. I’m sure we could go beyond “art” and add the art of musicians, chefs… all other hobbies. We try, we do it to feel better, ignore pain, pass the time enjoyably… Have a passion for… Just because I am ill doesn’t mean I’m not passionate.

With all these hobbies maybe it’s an arts and crafts market! That’s an idea!! 

I entered, not to win (sure that’d be nice and I love my painting) but there were a few beautifully executed pieces. But the fun of an art competition quickly turned into a way to advocate. That became my focus. Unfortunately it turned into something ugly. Most people will never even realize.

A Few Rules for Life —be ALL-IN. Don’t cheat, lie, steal. Find something you enjoy and go with it!

If only I was able to execute a real juried show… But for now I’m sticking with the info in the link — I’m staying out of it. http://quotes.lifehack.org/quote/malala-yousafzai/when-the-whole-world-is-silent-even/  (stumbled on to this when searching for best ways to promote a voting competition…the day before I was alerted to several issues) SMH!

I’ve started a new painting because I love to paint and it was time. I’m moving on. I will always be searching.

Sidenote: “ALL-IN” is relative. I wonder how long it will take me to complete this painting but the act of painting is my passion so I’m in no rush and I’m ALL-IN.

Side-sidenote. My Spring Figs painting came in 4th. If I leave all the BS behind, I can say hey, out of over 300 entries I earned the 4th most votes. Yay me. lol  14570302_1343004539044339_898337186325080040_n