Getting the chemicals out is a tough process. I mean, you just can’t throw out bottles of shampoo and dish soap. You can’t dump it down the sink —bad for water supply. If you throw it out —seeps into the water supply. How do we win? And does it matter with everyone else still using all those phosphate filled products?

So, I need to be responsible for me. Years ago I ditched hand soap in a pump and opted for handmade organic bars from Etsy. Thank God for Etsy sellers having organic —just pay the good stuff, Sheesh! So many people complain it’s too expensive to buy organic product. You may be local but you just lost my sale. I also don’t want “funny, sexy or ornamental” soaps. 

Then there is scent. They need to offer low-to-no scent. What is the obsession with perfume? It’s added to everything and it is an endocrine disruptor unless it’s real which is pretty doubtful considering cost. And if it’s real like flowery essential oils —please keep it at home. Serious migraine trigger.

I do you have a chronic illness, chronic pain —I hate to smell anything for too long even if I like it, even bacon.

Why don’t people want to smell like themselves? Even before I had a super-sniffer and my hair-pin triggers I wasn’t really a fan. I tried perfumes… It didn’t stick.

✔️So organic handmade bars of soap

✔️Unscented garbage bags are a must(Whoever thought this would be a thing). 

✔️Glass bottles, sprayers, essential Oil concentrate and I’m all set to clean everything. 

It’s 2017 and I really want to keep purging. I had bareMinerals face wash (and make up). I love this all-in-one face wash. It cleans and smooths skin plus takes off make up and done… But it’s not so “clean” …it could be better. I tried Beauty Counter – it’s “bad chemical” free so that something but it doesn’t remove makeup. Again, chronically ill person here …making things simple is best (I’m sure for busy women too). I don’t like oils to remove make up. I know everyone swears by coconut oil and I love coconut oil as much as the next girl but my eyes aren’t so happy with it. I’ve been searching, but organic doesn’t mean good product either. Shampoo and conditioner, UGH! Money down the drain every time so far. But #-ing Organic I found so many options. But I was drawn to oSea I’ve been paying attention. Finally went to their site —you can ask a question. I did. “Are there any face washes that aren’t heavily scented and remove make up?’ I received a reply. Yes! Two in fact. I purchased a travel size Ocean Cleansing Milk and it works wonderfully and no chemicals. Hurrah! I also purchased a trial size pack of Normal to Dry Skin Sample Pack. Plus the samples they send with every package. So far I’m in love. I also LOVE the glass jar. I wish everyone would use glass. I’m obsessed with the eye and lip sample and the Advanced Protection Cream. It’s thick and creamy and no scent! My theme is life…no scent please! face_clean

The sample of the everyday, light weight, Atmosphere Protection Cream has a scent that doesn’t agree with me so I think I’ll stick to my argan oil. I tried the White Algae Mask and I was hoping to love it for the brightening aspect but it has a little scent too and it’s not agreeing with me. Not sure if I would try it but I plan on trying as many of their products as I can. I do miss out on amazing products. These aren’t perfumey but I can’t handle all natural scents either. 

My main goal was to find a face wash that removed everything, including mascara without tugging on my lashes and without feeling tight and dry. So I have to say it’s a super huge win! The Sample of the Ocean Cleanser works just as well. When I’m ready to order a full size I’ll have to choose then. 

I definitely need to up my organic/chemical free skin game. I’ve been trying to redo my make up. Organic makeup doesn’t mean it’s good. I have several in my sights. Alas, this chronically ill, rare disease person has limited funds so it’s slow going. If you’re in the same chronically ill boat as me you probably understand. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Just means it takes a bit longer….

My husband found @holistichabits on YouTube for kombucha making (kombucha is my addiction) but that lead me to Sarah’s makeup favorites. She’s so lovely and looks amazing so I’m hoping to start looking deeper into her favorite makeup brands and see what I think. @alimapure, @RAL, @ModernMinerlas, @100percentpurecosmetics, @henceorganics. SIGH! Such pretty things, in lovely packing. I’m a packaging whore. If you don’t have good design, I’m most likely going to skip you. Be it, the graphic designer in me or just girly. But what’s in the packaging is first on the list!