It’s been on my mind  —how do I articulate and hit publish… Yes, I’m chronically ill but no, I’m not a spoonie (it just doesn’t resonate with me and that’s ok). If I was a spoonie I’d be in the Mob version —I ran out of spoons 20 years ago and have been borrowing ever since and the interest is HIGH! Using “borrowed” energy is a beat down waiting to happen. I’m currently in recovery from such a beating and owe more. Sigh!

Where do I fit in…this sea of chronic…? 

How do I find and fix my own energy crisis? It is real and it is formidable. I keep searching. Answers are not with doctors, at least not at this point. My values fit in with healthy people —with their fit bodies, energy and full days! The organic, non gmo, good fat eating, healthy kind of people. I want to be one of those people. Fit and Healthyof course I’m not ridiculous, I know my version is different… Anyway I’m working on it. Figuring it out. And working on acceptance.

I have a hard time listening to complaints unless they come with possible solutions… Attempts at the very least. I have a list a mile long of things I’ve tried. Top three are still Rolfing, acupuncture and essential oils. I’m currently adding mushroom supplements to this but I need more time to give an honest opinion. 

I’ve been searching for years for the right 100% clean personal products and other supplements and will let you know how goes. 

In the meantime maybe I’ll come up with a name for what I am… Maybe you will join me.

I don’t want an army of spoons. Maybe I’m a fork. Maybe im socks… you run out of socks and maybe that keeps you from getting outside. I don’t need an army of warriors. I’m already a warrior and surge with perseverance. I’d love a coffee clutch —maybe like the artists and poets back in the day, hanging out at their favorite Parisian café. Who would like to join me there?

I am serious. I want more. More interaction. More answers. More clean living. More exercise. More overall good health. 

I did just spend 2 weeks fighting a bug. It was all rest, essential oils and hot beverages while sticking to the couch. But as I’ve improved, I have been outside for 2 walks so far! That is an accomplishment and I had a pair of socks to wear with my sneakers.