I often see articles about caregivers but they’re not often by the receiver of that care. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly have seen them, but most of them are lists of things to remember to thank your caregiver about. I thought today would be the perfect day to thank my caregiver, my husband, Paul.

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. Paul has been my caregiver for more than 15 years. It’s been to varying degrees through the years depending on what’s going on or what’s going wrong.

Last year was a tough year… With increased neck and arm pain and the in the inability to use my right arm, my regular tasks became all but impossible. This means dinner’s not ready when he gets home from work, he has to clean up before and after, empty and load the dishwasher and all the rest. The bending and lifting, even through light weight, is a major issue for me. I try and keep him in clean underwear! 

He is my saving grace. My love. My best friend. 

We joke, I’d be living in my parents bonus room if it wasn’t for him! It’s good to keep your sense of humor!

Something as simple as asking for a glass of water is very difficult because I just can’t get up even, though he finally sat down and just got cozy on the couch. He does anyway. But those times when my pain is too much for him to bear…The look in his eyes makes my heart hurt.

Once we were engaged —I felt guilty. I gave him an out —I was undiagnosed and had no idea what may be ahead. He said “too late I already love you.”

Never forget to tell your caregiver how much you love them, how grateful you are, acknowledge, appreciate and respect them. Use your words—Often. And show it. Cut them some slack. Paul knows how much I love him. 

He is my husband, so of course he drives me crazy (not talking about the good kind of crazy either ;  )… I recently told my mom, to remind me all he does —caregiver of mine. He is mine. It is hard…He thinks he’s funny, and if I tell him (I’ll watch my language here) “you’re such a dork” he always responds” but I’m your dork.” He is mine. And I am his and I will love him forever.