When I started this blog on a whim and a challenge I knew it would not only be about acromegaly. Chronic Disease isn’t always about the specific disease. This post is about beating the flu/cold/virus naturally. 

I did name the blog “Life as I Know It.” So what do I want to share… We had an awesome trip to DC. It was fun, interesting and cold. I’m very isolated in general and don’t often pick up bugs but, alas, this time I did.

When we were still away I started with a stuffy nose around 9 or 10 PM. I thought cold dry air outside and forced heat inside… But each day it got earlier. Once I was home my sinuses and throat were swollen. 

Yesterday I had to hit the couch… Binged watched This Is Us…. I really need needed a replacement for Parenthood! Highly recommend it 👍🏻

Anyway —acromegaly grows stuff —bones, organs, soft tissue, so yes, sinuses. When I had surgery they cleaned up (not a complete overhaul) the right side to get my pituitary. The left side was jipped. If I take a deep breath, the left nostril barely moves. So on top of that growth even more swelling UGH!

So, what to do…

  1. Rest! Comfy couch, pillows and blankets. Not to mention cozy PJs.
  2. Diffuse —On Guard*, eucalyptus and Breathe*. I’m a DoTerra girl
    (ask more if you’d like)
  3. All my meds and supplements washed down with 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 6 to 8 drops of iodide and two drops ginger EO
  4. “Flu bomb” but I’m calling it “Defeat the Crud” —2 to 3 drops of oregano , 2 to 4 drops frankincense, 2 to 3 drops On Guard*, two drops lemon
  5. Water all day. Including decaf hot tea (currently, organic, Tulsi, Sweet Rose) and I img_2813love a bubbly probiotic drink! MUST be low sugar. I love Kavita. (Fav flavors with low sugar: tangerine, pineapple coconut, mango coconut). Is it so wrong? I just want to drink bubbly probiotic drinks or some kombucha. Real, low sugar, bucha —Health aide, lemon-ginger is my all time favorite 🍋
  6. Lip salve…Handmade… always on my tray… but especially needing it now. I don’t want mass-produced lip salves. It must have beeswax —this one has essential oils too but it’s doTerra so I know it’s clean. 

Only thing that changes when there is no “crud” as Paul calls it, in my body, is the “flu bomb” and the diffuser oils change. The water with  ACV, iodine and ginger and the frankincense capsule with other select oils are daily.

So I was ready to start a cleanse, get back to a strict Paleo diet, cut out (let’s be honest cut down ) treats and go for the gold. This isn’t the way I planned to start but it works. Organic coffee, or tea, pure essential oil’s, ACV in my water, clean vitamins that are actually absorb by the body and GO! So aside from some sort of crud, my cleanse for 2017 has begun! …I’ll keep adding to it but first rest and heal.