Day 16: #HAWMC #WEGOHealth

Wisdom Wednesday: Words of Wisdom for Rookie HA’s

Kinda funny for me to write about rookie’s because this is my 16th blog post and I started with this challenge. lol. You won’t be surprised that I have opinions if you’ve been reading along!

It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been advocating but I know it needs to be broader in scope. You can tell your story in so many ways. I’m feeling like mine isn’t about my story, exactly. It’s about using my voice.

Speak from the heart. Don’t embellish but don’t leave too much out. Be vague when you need to but share. Use your voice. It’s what’s missing. Control the story. Don’t be controlled. Stand up for your convictions. If you have no convictions don’t be a health advocate until you have some. It could be as big as wanting more focus on alternative therapies or simple as I hate coffee, so I brewed a cup of tea!

Chronic illness is isolating. Use that time to really know yourself. Revise, edit, become a new you. Share that. People don’t have time in this busy world to self-evaluate but we all need to.

So… Have a voice. Share your voice. Fight for your voice to be heard. How? Just start… See where it goes.