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That Actually was the Start of Something and I Didn’t know it…

Day 17 Throwback Thursday. Grab post from your archives and repost it. Frame it. Why you choose it. Why are you sharing it again.

I’m choosing this post because it’s still out there and represents the simplest way I started sharing my story. My voice…

I remember when snagging a blog feature for your Etsy site was a coup. In 2009 I opened my shop, viveLaFrancedesign.Etsy.com for the heck of it. I started with oil paintings (didn’t have those up too long) and art print notecards. I quickly added handmade cards. Being creative when I can is key to enjoying life when you live chronic life… But I wasn’t looking to “quit my day job” —I didn’t have one. It just seemed natural to mention my illness. So I did… It’s just where I started.


Jess has moved from etsy to her own shop. Love her metal work jewelry. Handmade all the way! Back in 2010 she featured me so, I want to add her link for her. Please click and browse. It’s fun. Ya never know!