Tuesday, Day 15  Shout Out to My Favorite HAs (Health Advocate)

There is one woman who shines so brightly I can not think of her and feel peaceful. Kathy Devanny is an Advocacy Relations Specialist for Patient Worthy. Kathy is that rare person, when they show up in your life you feel honored, excited, hopeful and relief!

Not many people take the time to talk —really talk to you. Our first conversation was for a rare disease video. They already had someone with acromegaly by the time we spoke but this relationship is worth far more than participation in that project. We started talking and a day or so later we talked for hours. 

She has encouraged me to advocate through art, design and words. Her calm voice and spectacularly, positive encouragement make things feel possible. But she also sends great articles on rare disease, acromegaly, alternative conferences that fit my needs and desires, other people’s paths that might ignite a spark of inspiration for me… She lets me cry when I need to (Jaw surgery is my current nightmare).

She gives freely of her precious time… Thing is, I’m not the only one. She is compassionate, gracious and selfless. She has influenced me more than she will ever know. I am forever grateful.

I have to give a shout out to Jackie Zimmerman of WEGO Health. She had to search to find me. Thank God she did! She found old blog posts I was featured in and mentioned my illness. She went down a rabbit hole and landed at my art and design site. She reached out which was a shocker because not many people know about that site. It was, again, originally for an acromegaly discussion but then we talked… I’m rather vocal and she had ideas for me! In the span of a week I started my first fundraiser (thank you for saying just do it). I was featured on acromegaly awareness day on the  WEGO health blog and started this blog. I didn’t have one yet. It’s been on the list for years. She emailed me and said just do it. I did!

Funny, things happen for reason. If it weren’t for some situations I strongly disapprove of —I would not have found these two ladies. It also reinforces speak up! Tell someone the truth, your truth. You never know who is going to lead you to your next best-self. We are always evolving. Take time to appreciate those who influence you, support you and help you to find your own way.