What really burns me out… Simply, dishonesty, greed and ego. Huh? what could I be really speaking of… This is about my life and lifestyle. So sticking with acromegaly —It starts with a Big Pharma. I don’t like Big Pharma. I do admire the real people behind research and development. They truly want to help. But they’re not “Big Pharma.” That term oozes greed and manipulation. OK, that’s life and beware. So let’s take it down a few levels… The nonprofit organizations controlling the conversation but the conversation is only one topic —medications. If you try and change the topic… watch true colors show. I love TRUTH! It’s pure, unadulterated perfection. Truth can hurt. No one is immune to the truth. My safety…  I know my mind and my convictions! Medications are only one part of a whole. So in Acro-world the conversation is solely based on meds. I can’t change their conversation but I can start my own. Oh right, I have started my own and others are joining!

I am using my voice —my art voice, my design voice, my writing voice… I feel my vocal chords will be getting use soon enough.

I practice what I preach. Number one is ALWAYS nutrition. If you have a rare disease, you’re kidding yourself that you can eat SAD (Standard American diet). IT’s CALLED SAD!!! Scary and pathetic. I eat a paleo diet (with cheats now and again). You take your meds. I do. I thank God for every injection in my bum that’s keeping from growing, the replacement hormones that keep me alive, the medications that help me sleep —but that’s only two parts of a whole.

I use alternative therapies as much as possible. This is where I find relief and quality of life. Acupuncture is currently to calm my burned out nervous system. Meds cannot do that, they mask it and that is not nearly the same thing. Rolfing, to work out the rough kinks, massage to soothe the rough kinks and essential oils to help my body with it’s true potential. Science and nature…can’t beat it! Of course vitamins and minerals are a must but always do the research. What form does our body like the most, what will it absorb and use properly? There is a lot of garabage out there. I’m also working with CBD oil, mushrooms, iodine, clean chlorella, Himalayan sea salt, apple cider vinegar… We have only one body — nourish it!! 

When I’m asked how I am, I say, “I’m working on it.” I’m working on me. I’m working for true wellness… At least awareness has nothing to do with medication. I’ve started the long journey to starting a nonprofit fund. The goal…focus on the alternative and complementary therapies we need. Maybe it will start with three or four people but it will grow. I will continue to find good people who are honest, trustworthy, selfless and compassionate. I’ve started a new conversation! 

That’s three parts of a whole. Exercise is the forth. My pain level has me severly lacking at the moment but, like I said, I’m working on it!