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Day 13. Best thing this week from great news to ice cream on sale.

In a regular week, one good thing to write about, that stands out, is more the rule not the exception. But this week was different… This is more about gratitude than a thing…although hubby did bring home some pretty righteous gluten free cupcakes!

I’m grateful for a weekend away with Paul that included Monday in Asheville to wander through local shops, have a drink and apps…rinse and repeat. I’m thankful for creating. Making Christmas cards and tags for Saturday’s church fair… I just really enjoy doing it. I am thankful for my parents visiting in between travel. We have some time with them plus they leave me a car for the week. They’re gone now, so the car is too. But wow, running errands while singing along to the radio alone —taking myself to appointments…liberating! Especially, Friday night acupuncture. I was desperate for some nervous system calming. Not taking couch-time after traveling —I was living on borrowed time. I’m so thankful for all these things because today, Sunday, I’ve crashed hard. It’s painful and I can’t get off the couch…so I’m thankful for an iPad and dictation. And a husband, willing to be at my beck and call.

But the one thing that I want to share (after the craft fair being a huge bust) was one woman. An elderly woman who was graceful and elegant. The kind you know that was always well put together, polite, respectable and likable, as she was yesterday. She took her time to go through my hand-crafted, made-with-love cards. She complemented the cards, took her time going through each one, choosing the perfect one for each individual. It was heartwarming to see someone get it! Especially on a day where people barely glanced. It’s not about pre-printed cards and address labels without a note or signature. It’s the personal touch from the heart. A sentiment that fits an individual, not a short email, abbreviated text, or the all too often… Nothing at all.

Don’t get me wrong, heck, this is a blog! I text and email but I still send handmade cards, artist cards, quirky cards, funny cards and yes, store bought cards. Because each of us have a few people in our lives that deserve that little extra thought from us. Yes, a simple piece of snail mail can turn someone’s day around!