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Day 10: A Yahoo Post… pretend you are writing a question about your condition. Show a silly or humorous side! 

Question: Is acromegaly foodborne like E. coli, salmonella or mad cow disease. Ya know, —can cause permanent damage or death? I read it’s environmental and causes you to become a giant. All the photos were of giants.

bean_stalkAnswer: Oh my! What a question! Although acromegaly is believed to be environmentally triggered you must be predisposed (they are looking for genetic links but it’s not proven yet, nor, would it be true in all cases). Scientists have found a link between acromegaly and green beans. Sounds crazy, right? But hundreds of years ago, Jack did get his hands on some Magic Beans. The beans did grow and grow and lead to a kingdom of giants. It is believed that pollinated, magical beanstalks blew into neighboring green bean fields. The hybridization occurred without anyone’s knowledge. It is believed that some people became carriers of the giant-gene which historians believe to be part of the magic, not the bean itself. People with acromegaly are predisposed to this magic but that magic belongs in another realm. When the body, on our earth, tries to express itself, this giant-gene from the Kingdom of Acro, causes foreheads, noses and lips to grow. Not to mention hands and feet! Magic in the wrong hands, covering some simple green beans, hundreds of years ago, is still being triggered today. Always move away from power-lines and eat organic, non-GMO food. And really keep away from the legumes! 

WARNING: Pure gigantism can be found in children who have been fed too many baby food jars of mashed green beans. Scientists are working on answers for this one as well.

Sidenote: The majority of people have no clue about Acromegaly or most rare diseases in general. We must educate. Children are a great way to learn, spread the word and take that information into the realm of normal knowledge and generations to come. Raising funds is more about finding people willing to call for awareness. As my campaign winds down, please consider donating a $1 or a “youth shirt” …really what better way to get the word out there! youth-tee