It’s Good for the Soul!

Day 9 #HAMWC. Midweek break, fantasize about an ideal day…

My ideal day is exploring or really wandering and meandering with my husband, Paul. I  wrote my first draft of the blog post, which will enter in a moment but after I’d finished writing, I realized it’s always been about wandering together. Acromegaly has taken stamina, inserted pain, malaise, medical bills and sucked the money dry. So we’ve become very good at enjoying the heck out of the little things and planning recovery time (should it one day not be needed you will hear me cheering. I get a lot of don’t expect you need it. Pfft, Ive been doing this a long time) for when we do get away. Some of our favorite memories are walking through a major Boston snowstorm —I love the silence of falling snow it’s surreal. We wander down the middle of empty roads in Cambridge, to a little neighborhood bar, River Gods. Having such a vivid memory makes us both smile and relive joy just by thinking about it! 

But what I first wrote about takes place on a summer day on a Mountain Lake…deep, clean, private —Large enough that you can find your own cove, throw an anchor and dive in. A great boat rental, packed cooler, some towels and don’t forget the sunblock! We’re all set!

Paul starts the boat. That first bubbling of the prop turning …there is a thrill of excitement. We both have a soulful love of the water. I love the wind…the fresh air. All the worries disappear. I have a smile on so genuine, if the world was watching they’d see… But it’s our private place and only Paul truly knows. It is our renewal. Just crisp, clear water,  a beautiful wake  and each other. 

We do not get to do this often but we actually spent a weekend in the mountains of Western North Carolina this past weekend. We love the little cabin, river walk through crunchy leaves and a few hours on our mountain lake. It is a deep, soulful love and we will take any bit of wanderlust we can get! 

Hopefully,  we will travel further one day, but this mountain lake, near or far, will always be magical.

First Weekend in November 2016