The little engine that could….I think I cans and I know I cans… 🚂


1. I think I can complete this challenge!

2. I think I can make 4 more Christmas-Tea cards by Saturday’s Church Craft Fair.img_0018 img_0748

3. I think I can make 20 more Christmas cards to send to California for home boutique party before the 17th (yikes!)img_0019

4. I think I can reach more people than I ever realized.

5. I think I was meant for this. Speaking truth…not denying information to everyone because of greed and ego.

6. I think I can get more walks in each week.

7. I think I can sell 25 T-shirts (SMH) in the last 10 days of my fund raising campaign 50 to 100 was my goal but I’m learning and adaptable! acro_what_campaign_fb

8. I think I can have two new contacts, with influence, before the end of 2016.

9. I think I can learn the best meditation practice for me… And then follow through and do it.

10. I think I must listen to my body a bit more. Overdoing it has a killer recovery time

1. I know I will reach others.

2. I know I will start a painting in early 2017 (2016 is pushing it)!

3. I know I will never stop trying to feel better anyway I can.

4. I know I have a dedicated, loving husband.img_0020

5. I Know I am Grateful for Today.