Day 11 #wegohealth #hawmc
Creating a list of “must follows” for my community is tricky because this is only 11 day of my blog. Since I don’t really have a community, I can tell you what I want to do, is continue with lifestyle. Not just about the trials and tribulations of rare disease but ways to make life better. The things that I still enjoy and that we should all still enjoy. It includes art, design, wellness lifestyle, organic living, paleo eating, supplementing properly, sustainability, eco friendly… it will evolve. I’ll have to see where it goes!



Twitter is mostly art and design but advocacy is quickly being added. I started a twitter account because I donated a postcard size painting for a twitter art exhibit fundraiser. I miss being around artists and creatives. Social media is adding a piece of it back in.

@aliciahayesart (makes me happy)
@artsnc (keeping it local)
@edcooley (bc his photos are awe inspiring and we can all use a bit of that!) @irissunart

Instagram….it’s my newest account and it’s kinda fun!

Kelly Rae Art