Today’s #WEGO #HAWMC Challenge…Quotation Inspriation!

“There is one consolation in being sick; and that is the possibility that you may recover to a better state than you were ever in before.” – Henry David Thoreau

While making cards and looking for a “get well quote” that actually meant something, I found Mr. Thoreau’s quote back in 2011 and it immediately spoke to my soul. There are good days and bad and dark days and bright happy days…becuase I chose to ignore the pain and limitations and live in the moment (Not always doable but I take the option when I can). There is HOPE in his words. It is one of my favorite words. I know I cannot recover to a “better state than before” or even to the same state but, that is physical. Lucky me  I have options! I can learn, grow, keep searching, find a new path…endless possiblities if I keep an open mind. Opportunities seem to present themselves because of my graphic design skills or art. Currently, I’m trying to reach DC for Rare Disease Week. I want to stand with my painting and find a connection with someone, anyone who can help change the anonymity of Acromegaly. Voting still going on. I’m hoping for a Merrit Award to be able to go! Spring Fig . Unless anyone who reads this clicks and votes! (Hint! Hint!)

Spring Fig

So when I found it and put in on a card it sold and sold and sold. It always sells. It must resonate with many. For five years I had a version, all designed and stuck to my bathroom mirror, with colors that make me happy and a few rhinestones because we all need a little bit of bling in our lives! When we moved I let that one go. The top photo on this post is a card I made in 2012, bought by a fellow etsian and now, friend who sent it back to me while I was going through pituitary radiation. So now it is framed and sits in my art room. If ever asked my favorite quote, my soul yells it out. I can be better than before—maybe not in the way I originally hoped and dreamed but I evolve and understand there is more. More ways to become better. I will keep striving to see the possibilities when they present themselves. Sometimes, I may not know they are presenting themselves but now I consider the impact of things that come my way…be it for my wellbeing or others.  I have so much to offer. I just need to respect my limitations and not miss out.