Day 4: Write yourself a letter the day you were diagnosed, knowing all you know now.

So I did this and it wasn’t real…so I’m not going to post it. I appreciate the prompts and enjoyed the first 3.  Todays’ wasn’t needed. I was never panicked or was overwhelmed. I was sad/frustrated/annoyed it took so long when I was told it could have been found 5-8 earlier. Doctor’s and their ignorance! They need to learn to listen and admit when they don’t know. Thank the Lord for the few good ones…let’s make that amazing ones!

I have so many ups and downs with my health that I am never “ok” except in relative terms. I’m a fan of “everything is relative.” My migraines have been better but the occipital nerve is angry and my arms are weak and unmovable… I considered the ER but declined. So how do you say “this is 10% better so yay!! …but this is 150% worse. I’m not going to try. I’m working on it.

So, I look forward. This too shall pass. Acromegaly never leaves. The damage is done. I must be always adapting. Summer 2015, Paul bought me a Pyrrha necklace. We were living in G’boro, NC. There was a lovely little gift shop I liked wandering through on my walks downtown. I was enthralled by the old wax seals! Paul picked one for me shortly before we moved. He chose the French talisman. ‘Jamais Arriere,’ which means ‘Never Look Back.’ Pictured is a winged heart, symbolic of a sentient soul, liberated and flying free toward the future. I’m sticking with looking forward.


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