fullsizerenderWEGO Health Day 2 #HAWMC

What is my process? I’m all over the place. I never know when it will strike me that I really  want to share an idea, advise or random thoughts that just need to be out there. Since this is only my second blog post here, you’ll have to take my word for it! So where do I start… lately, I’m diggin’ “Hey Siri take a note.” Seriously, pretty awesome when you’re driving and inspiration strikes or the beginning of an idea that you don’t want to forget! I’m a fan of pretty, funky or well designed notebooks for ideas, quotes and sketches. Scraps of paper with a fleeting thought to be found later or not, ya never know. Lists, I love lists! Per my usual, I start on paper. I love pen to paper. I’m a Graphic Designer who loves paper. You can tell I’m not a millennial! I have many blog articles written stuck in folders for when I finally started this one. We’ll see if they turn up! I’ve blogged on other sites. Mostly about my handmade cards and Acromegaly. Or health, wellness and paleo for my husband’s past stregth and conditiong business. I love to share my experiences because you never know when one sentence triggers and idea of hope in another.

I’ll edit but that doesn’t mean I remembered the commas! Somehow they have been lost with other punctuation after years of chronic illness and lack of use. It is not like riding a bicycle! I’m fine with it…just need a proof reader and I can usually find one. My husband is a pro. I honestly only half care. It annoys me later but not in the moment. I love elipses…not becuase they are trendy (I’ve been doing it forever), not because PR/English Professors/Editors alike can’t stand it but because I write the way I speak more often than not. Stream of consciousness is sometimes best, most poignant, poetic, truthful and creative. Other times I reread, edit, find a gem and I’m off in another direction. Ya know, good old fashion brainstorming! Then there is a wakeful night. I realize I’m hoping not to think which means it’s too late, I’m up. Then I write the perfect article in my head that I won’t remember in the morning. SIGH! Such is life. Great inspiration in the shower too! Head clearing, relaxing, inspiring….no pen and paper. I guess I need to bring Siri into the bathroom. Although I have my doubts she will hear me over the shower…”hey Siri, take a note.” “I’m sorry I did not understand….”

Please don’t forget I am trying to raise funds to start a non-proft fund for allernative and complimentary care with acromegaly. Pills don’t fight pain. Please click, read, donate a $1, buy a shirt…lots of styles! click me