November 1st, my first post, is on Acromegaly Awareness Day so turns out I’m starting by flipping to a day on the calendar. It’s as good a place as any! Who knows what Acromegaly is?…certainly not all medical professionals and not the general population. Over the last 20 years I’ve gone though too many doctors to count and too many doctors saying I was merely depressed. I always hated that commercial with the bumpy thing that said “depression hurts.” Not my truth, Growth Hormone (GH) tumors on the pituitary hurt! Chronic Daily Migraines and “odd” hormonal issues that no one can figure out…being passed off from doctor to doctor, SIGH! I did says 20 years. That was the beginning. I started firing doctors. I started telling them what class of drugs I would no longer take. Good Gosh! I don’t need added issues. 10 years in I had proper diagnosis. Transsphenoidal Pituitary Tumor removal 2007. Pituitary radiation 2012. Life is not what I planned but I manage, I create, I advocate and I educate.  I strive for a better life.

So on this November 1st, know that Acromegaly is a GH secreting tumor. Your body wants to grow but the growth plates are closed. Changes in facial features and hand and foot size are the most outward signs. But we need to find it before it gets that far. Bone and organ growth have a lifetime of troubles.

I have launched a campaign to start a fund to help others with this disease. But I need funds to start a fund. All above-board and NOT a personal fundraiser. Please click. Read. Buy a shirt, donate a dollar. It is a life-sentence kinda disease and alternative and complimentary therapies are not covered by insurance and are the most beneficial for me and many others. The financial burden already caused by Acromegaly is tremendous. So we stay in pain because we are unable to afford anything extra. Click. Learn a bit more.Acro-what? Campaign  I was going for an awareness t-shirt that explains just what Acromegaly is. “Excess GH – Too Much of  a Good Thing.” The design is multiple GH chemical compounds. Get it!?  Clean, simple, to the point and anyone can wear it without looking like “ugh – another awareness tee”! Please join me!

Thank you #WEGOhealth #HAWMC