There are no real Awareness efforts for Rare Disease and Chronically Ill. If I’m wrong please point me in the right direction. (I’m talking large scale here, not those of us trying to go it alone)

I want to try something… Are you interested?

If we support each other’s awareness efforts, for each other’s diseases, we can make a difference. If I can raise awareness and money —I can donate my time and energy to help design a truly wanted t-shirt. (Yes, I have a degree in graphic design. Check me out). In-your-face awareness shirts don’t make it out in public. Do you see them? The purchase of a shirt whose main objective is to Raise Awareness is lost.

Awareness is my main objective.

Second is two fold — raise money to help pay for some alternative treatment for myself (alternative form of crowdfunding) and a portion to starting a fund that would eventually award grants for alternative therapies for patients with acromegaly. As of today, I realize I may need to add travel to the Alternative Medicine Conferences so I can have a basis to send people too. It’s a work in process so bear with me!

After my first attempt at shirt sales, I realize I need a way to grow. 33 shirts is but a drop in the bucket and does not start a fund. (4 purchased by me doesn’t help either but I’m still happy with what I did achieve!) If I could sell 40 to 50 it’s a good little start. Dare I dream of 100 shirts being worn out there —people being educated about acromegaly?! Oh my!! 

Are you chronically ill? Rare disease and No Awareness? 

The only way to change it is to work together.

Simply, help support me and I will support you with design work for your cause. (and buy a shirt if that’s your goal!)

Does this sound Feasible?

Are you interested?

Some ideas need to be put out there. I’m putting it all out there. 

I’ll be posting more as a rare disease week is quickly approaching.… It’s as good a time as any right?