I found some amazing realizations during the month of November, with the #WEGOHealth bloggers challenge, in my own awareness efforts. …And that I miscalculated my energy (which always feels as though I have none but now I have less). So, few posts as of late and once I had my gifts wrapped and tree up, I  declared the year over. Just restimg_2052. I mean…as much as I can. It was a beautiful Christmas and I’m sticking with my year is over. Keeping it as quiet as possible.

December has been a rest period but keeping my eye on the new year. 

It’s good to have goals (favorite saying after college with my roomate…be it, get dressed, last night was fun but rough or laundry. lol) I learned many things during my 30 day blogging challenge and have yet to post about them. The realizations created goals, so I’ll start there. 

  1.  The acromegaly community is not an involved group. I’m not sure why this is so common. I know we don’t feel well but you have to represent yourself. I’m thiking even an hour a month would be a help. Yes there’s a “support group” on Facebook but is not awareness. And no, I am no longer part of that group. People are not active. This needs to change. I’ll work on it because we’re all worth it.
  2. I have found that most of the Rare Diseases and Chronic Illnesses DO NOT  Discriminate and the over-all symptoms are largely the same. So we need to research as individual diseases but we all need to join together as a whole.… It seems to fall under pain, exhaustion, isolation, treatment options… And so many more similarities.

  3. I have no idea how to get people to come to my blog. I am currently not up for figuring this tidbit out but I will. I’ll add it to my 2017 list.

  4. However, Instagram is pretty awesome! I have found, not only Chronic Illness Warriors but people of the same mindset. Organic Living —not just food but product for the body, for home, clothing for sustainability… Alternative therapy and Possibility and Positivity. …Last two are greatly lacking and I’m excited to have found it. I’m not up for everyone’s complaining. I’m looking for solutions. I’m guessing I’m not the only one.
    But fickle IG follow/unfollowers. Get a life!

2017 Will Be a Heck of a lot of Advocating.
I Will Pace Myself.
I Will Stick With It.
I Will Succeed.
No Matter How Long it Takes! 

First up, getting myself to Rare Disease Week. Oh, and naming my future nonprofit, complete with logo. (name is in the works)