Pain pathways magazine posted a link on their Facebook page about self-care from a blog

So I will try my hand at it… Remembering self-care, chronically ill or not, is something that falls to the wayside for so many. This past fall I had too much on my list and it burnt me out. I know how to say NO. I know how to budget my time or give-in to not doing anything but I still did too much. They were a wants and likes. I don’t get to do that. If I had paid more attention to self-care and done less, would I be in this recovery phase? I mean, really, I wasn’t doing anything crazy. Making Christmas cards, doing a 30 day blog challenge and traveling for a weekend in the mountains and Thanksgiving and I’m wiped out! SIGH! So, with two weeks left in 2016, I have proclaimed, I’m done for the year. I hope to be blogging at least once a week and wrap gifts, that’s about it. I’ll play the rest by ear. I do have some traveling to do. I just need to rest up!

My Self-Care List….

Morning  — Enjoy It. 

  • One cup of coffee while I do my morning journaling and prayer
  • Make a list… review\add to the list (it’s OK if they don’t all get done…or none)
  • Stretch, meditate
  • Drink more water
  • Deep breaths

During the Day — Be Mindful of My Time

  • Eat something – well before 3 PM! (Working on eating in the a.m. and afternoon. Bad habits of the chronically ill) 
  • Keep drinking water (bad pain days lead to forgetting to drink enough water, leading to more pain. SIGH!)
  • Practice deep breathing (again, more pain, I find I hold my breath at times) …So I need to add…
  • Work on being conscious of my consciousness
  • Create
  • Shower… And put on clean pajamas. Lol. Life of the chronically ill!
  • Turn on the diffuser (elevates mood, energizes, calms headaches, calms nerves)
  • Turn on music (same as turning on diffuser!)

Evening — Wind down

  • No more computer after 7pm (this is a sleep thing, time to wind down. Yes, I’m still on iPhone or iPad…but it’s limited…No design files or extended reading)
  • Nourishing dinner
  • Time with Paul —sofa-city is a favorite place to be!
  • Get to bed! …before falling asleep on the couch!

At Least Three Times Per Week (pick one)

  • Acupuncture/Rolfing
  • Create (paint, design…something!) 
  • Meet up with a friend
  • Call a friend
  • Brew a cup of tea (so simple yet so hard) 
  • Read
  • Walk. Walk. Walk. Just move.

I have some things I’m working on adding but it’s a good start!