Day 28 #Wegohealth ##HAWMC

Five challenges and five small victories.

Make a list of the five most difficult parts of your health focus. Make another top five list but of little, good things (small victories) that keep you going.

Five Most Difficult Parts of My Health Focus. 

  1. Money —All that can help me with daily pain and quality of life is too expensive.
  2. Alternative therapies aren’t done often enough to achieve a more consistent relief — always has to focus on acute pain. 
  3. My endocrinologist knows acromegaly well and I am confident with her care. However, I’d like her to step outside of her little box and learn the things that would help me over all… Not just my lab work. Lab work “in normal range” does not mean that I’m healthy or feeling well.
  4. Isolation —I need a car but there’s no money… No car, hard to be part of the community, meet people…have a social life. Not to mention extremely difficult to schedule appointments …No appointments… More pain… More money is needed …round and round I go. And isolation from people is lonely. People don’t understand and don’t want to step outside their comfort zone to understand. The people who do are far and few between.
  5. Sleep/pain cycle. I have a Pain flare (currently making even this blog post extremely difficult to accomplish). I fall asleep but wake because of pain. I can’t fall back to sleep —no matter what sleep protocol I use. Sleep deprivation makes for a bad day and more pain —more pain hard to sleep… The cycle continues.

Five Small Victories (I’ve mentioned all of these in the past 27 days)

  1. Finding a generous practitioner who has been doing ear acupuncture 2x/week to quiet my nervous system. It’s helping! …dying for some right now. 
  2. Lunch out with Joanna. She gets it! No, we don’t sit and talk about being sick for 3 hours! It’s everything because we are all more than our illness, or job, or financial circumstance. 
  3. A weekend away.
  4. A handful of people made my first fundraising campaign a success!
  5. This WEGO health challenge is more than a small victory. I’ve been able to complete the prompts that started with my first blog post here. Something that’s been on my list for years!

The small victories need to be recognized, celebrated, acknowledged for the accomplishments they are because chronic life is full of limitations, pain, canceled plans, isolation, disappointment —but when you look at the small things, say thank you Lord for these little things….everything can be OK in that moment.