Not everyone with acromegaly has their life permanently altered. What a blessing.

My blessing comes in the form of strength — not physical strength but perseverance, kinda strength. You’d think life is hard enough with all of my physical issues but no —this past November it just kept piling on.

We started with pure excitement about our move back north. All the opportunities that were before us (and still are) but Paul has been in New York City since October 15th. He did do most of the heavy packing… Thankfully. But things got weird and I was alone…moving

…The townhouse started to smell. Mildew and mold with all the rain that North Carolina has been getting since August and all the hurricanes there after. The landlords know they have never updated the 1970s townhouse but chose to play naïve with each issue I brought their attention. When they did finally come over, they put red solo cups all over the townhouse filled with Damp Rid — NO! this is not even remotely acceptable.

Three weeks… they did nothing. They scheduled somethings but no sense of urgency. That would be their folly.

IMG_2114The smell changed or more factually added to the mold and mildew. Very long story, short… Broken sewer line in the crawl space under the house. …Can’t live there said the plumber, said the fireman, said the Eco-hazard suit remediation man. Oh yes, the fireman. After waking up at 3 AM the morning before, sick from the smell, I started packing before dawn knowing I would never sleep in this home again. The first night I stayed at the neighbors. A different owner, of one of the townhouses, mistakenly called in a gas leak. In all my distress, I now had a barricaded neighborhood, at least three fire trucks, EMS and all that goes with the circus of sirens. I was homeless. My car filed from top to bottom. From the front passenger seat to the back. Things that should’ve been in boxes for the movers are now with me until my move.

Hyperventilating was the theme of the day. Well, the theme of the first half the day. My reflexologist was able to see me later than scheduled since the fire department held me up for a while. (Do reflexology! It will calm the stink right outta ya!) Then I met some friends at The Handmade Market in Raleigh and dinner and then I lived with them for over a week.

Paranoia set in. My nose could only smell raw sewage on anything that was mine. I washed and dried everything. Even things that I had washed and dried the day before but my brain was not listening. Safest to wash it again!

But I had loving friends and plenty of room to spread out and re-pack. Thanksgiving was fast approaching so was the arrival of company. So I moved to another friends home. Paul arrived back in North Carolina on Saturday morning. I rescheduled the moving company to Monday and I had it handled by Paul. I did not need to return. I’ve moved on from that nightmare… Basically. We abandoned our furniture and mattress due to sewage smell. Side-note: renters insurance does not cover environmental smells and since there was no water or raw sewage in the home, our abandoned furniture is ours to replace. Ugh! We were planning on replacing the living room furniture in the spring but now we have to do it immediately. Moving is already ridiculously expensive. Yes, I was refunded my November rent and security deposit. They want me to go away as much as I want to be gone. ….It’s becoming a funny story. Outlandish really. And oh, the poop puns!

On Tuesday, November 19 we flew to California. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve seen my nieces and nephew. I spent more time in the hospital this past year than ever before. All my excitement for this trip was derailed by pure, utter exhaustion.

But those children fill me with pure, unadulterated joy. My sister-in-law‘s family have huge celebrations and adrenaline kicks in and my body finds a way.IMG_1548

I do sit things out. I know my limits. If I’m ever hinting to myself about attempting something, my body knocks me down a few pegs. I know how to say NO. No, thank you… I did not join them for the Turkey Trot (Paul did). Heck, I didn’t even go. I made an appetizer and assembled the dessert my niece made for Thanksgiving instead. When 15-20 people are back on Friday, I made it out shopping with the girls but said no thank you to the neighbors party that night. But Saturday was a family-outing-day in Laguna and it was worth every second.

Monday, our last day, the kids were back in school. My brother was working from home so we took his car and headed back to Laguna.

It was a beautiful day. I spent it with my amazing husband, who I miss dearly during this transition. We shopped, had a cocktail and lunch and dipped our toes in the Pacific.IMG_2432

Tuesday was a travel day and due to all the company that comes with the holidays we grabbed a hotel room close to the airport. Paul was back to New York City, only a half night sleep later.

I stayed one more night for a Rolfing session. And drove home. So, home for the month of December is my parents, on the southern most coast of NC.

I’m supposed to be resting but first shopping, decorating, visiting with my other niece, my cousin, his girls, updating my parents living room (my father always says I cost him a lot of money when I stay. LOL. They started it with the new floors). Then on to wrapping gifts… Um, Yeah, I’m really beat.

I am so over-tired but feeling home. I miss Paul terribly but the days move on and he will be here soon enough.… Then Christmas and onto our next chapter in New York.

The disaster at the townhouse had me emotionally all over the map. Exhaustion and living out of my car (not sleeping in) caused plenty of tears. But I am so blessed with friends to take me in without hesitation… Family lifts my spirits… A week with Paul during this odd transition…. And my parents honest joy with my just being here.IMG_2370

Now to rest, and enjoy Christmas activities and let the excitement build for our next adventure.

Who do you go to when things get tough?

Who is your support system?

How do you cope?

Do you have friends and family, support groups, do you journal?

Chronic illness is a heavy burden but life goes on and all the rest of life isn’t just rainbows and butterflies because you have a chronic illness. Seems like a fair trade if it was a thing….  This time around I needed all the extra support of loving friends to get me through. The Chronic Illness World  can be sparsely adorned with friends. It’s not easy. Don’t give up. They are out there and they are so worth it and it’s reciprocal.. always reciprocal!

Have you tried Health Storylines app to keep it all in one place? Kinda handy. Use my link to download the app today!  …Although I am advocating for acromegaly, the app is for anyone.

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