On the eve of another Acromegaly Awareness Day… What has anyone learned since last year? What does anyone do?

My beautiful God-sister is 22, bright, charming, ditzy at times (She’ll say I’m annoying and extra for the “ditzy” addition. But the point is, she is a regular 22 yr old). She is a senior in college, studying abroad in Greece. This means some classes but lots of travel and good times.

She called the other day… Was telling me about two new friends she spends most of her time with… How her last excursion in Greece included her friend and her mom; who came for a visit. She doesn’t remember why but she started talking ….ACCURATELY about acromegaly. AND with enough detail that the woman, who had never heard of acromegaly, planned on looking it up!

If a 22 year old, having the time of her life, in a foreign country can say acromegaly and talk about it in casual conversation, then so can you!

She never ceases to amaze me. Unconditional love is a funny thing… she can tell my story. That woman she shared with is only 2 degrees of separation away from Acromegaly. She will, most likely, never meet me. But now she knows. Who might she tell?

Love you Nubia, always.  IMG_5185
Dec 23, 2017. Sunset Beach, NC. Less than 3 weeks after my jaw was broken. Pretty much sewn shut but still a beautiful day for a walk on the beach!

Every day is acromegaly awareness day. This year has been very acro-centric. This has not been my norm for a quite some time. There are a lot of rare diseases out there and most of them are seriously unpronounceable. Some have less than 10 people with a diagnosis in the world… pray for those people.

Acromegaly is a rare disease. But chances are you know someone or know someone who knows someone …there’s probably less than 6° of separation. And if there is 6° of separation why not fix it by having a conversation?

If you don’t know enough about your own disease, why not learn? Start with Health Storylines. They chose us — Arco-patients. Download the link… Learn something about your disease by keeping tabs on… well, you! Learn about you, this acromegaly awareness day and everyday! Then tell someone!


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Shout out to Patient Worthy for always telling our stories!