Before I knew I had more than just migraines I was a graphic designer (Still am —you don’t lose that!). My job and my passion was working for nonprofits.

I have always been artistic. I have always painted. Pain makes it difficult but still I manage. …Keeping track of pain, when, why…weather, ugh!! I don’t paint pain. I don’t aim to explain my misery in my art. I paint purely for the feeling of paintbrush on canvas. Getting Lost. I paint things that make me happy. Things I want to stare at and remind me of a bit of joy — especially when the only place I can be is my very own sofa–city.

Art lets me be my happy, joyful self. I use my voice to advocate and my art to meditate. Now I’m using my art to advocate too! Engaging and starting a dialogue. Dialogue is what’s missing. …grotesquely missing with Acromegaly but we are so similar in our journey to our chronically disabled neighbors…. Might we all work together?

We are a forest and trees. We need to stop looking at our own tree and see the forest. Let’s face it, nerve pain is nerve pain. And everything is relative. I’m not into one-upping my pain to another’s. I’m still very tired. I hurt. But I never give up. No one should. Hope is essential.

There’s so much more to me than acromegaly but I demand respect. I must listen to my body, rest and most importantly – never stop trying to improve my quality of life. And share what I’ve learned so others can improve their quality of life.

Besides my oil paintings, you’ll often find me participating in a #30daychallenge on Instagram. Usually little watercolor sketches but sometimes markers or pen and ink. IG @viveLaFranceNC

What’s something you do just for the love of it, passion or wonderful distraction?

Leave a comment, idea, what you’d like to try!  IMG_8744

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Cover: Original oil painting completed this year from family visit on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The ocean is quite calming and recharging… don’t you agree?



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