When you’re chronically ill and you start a blog – it can be the first thing to be shelved for a bit. I haven’t posted since April but they were flowing in my mind…so much to share. I had planned to get back to posting but, well, yeah… Life happens.

I was going to do part 1-2-3 but I am up to 4,568…so new plan.

I’ve been to Boston, twice, to see a new endocrinologist at Mass General Hospital, I started and quit going to a naturopath (more on that later), more rolfing, more acupuncture, finished 100 days of watercolor tiles (went with mosaics), halfway through an oil painting, some design work, some travel. I joined in with a great idea for artists and disease organizations but that took a turn for the worst….but there’s always a silver lining. I’ve made a wonderful contact, more on that to come. Had a family reunion or at least a quarter of a family reunion in July which was amazing. My mom broke her kneecap so I stayed for a while. This wore out my chronically ill body so I took her car home. I was finally approved for jaw surgery so I have a braces back on (that only took 2.5 years). Got into a fender bender right before returning the car to my mom. This has increased pain tenfold but I did a 3 hour drive by myself in two hours and 40 minutes….yeah I can be kind of type A. Some would say that’s an understatement. Type A and a chronically ill body is fight in and of itself. But the drive is an accomplishment and freedom…more on that too.

All things to come.

First on the list was POST. Hit PUBLISH!


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