My rare disease is Acromegaly. I’d like to Raise Awareness for very, early, they-don’t-have-a-name-for-it-yet, acromegaly or pre-acromegaly, full-on acromegaly that cannot be reversed (Can’t un-grow stuff), and for the need for alternative therapies to to address the irreversible damage that medications can’t fix or even help. They have step 2 right….meds and procedures. But there is so much more!

Acromegaly is a serious condition that occurs when the body produces too much of the hormones that control growth.

  • The hormone most often affected is called growth hormone, or GH. It is produced by the pituitary gland, a tiny organ at the base of the brain.
  • Growth hormone promotes growth of bone, cartilage, muscle, organs, and other tissues.
  • When there is too much growth hormone in the body, these tissues grow larger than normal. This excessive growth can cause serious disease and even premature death.
  • Other effects include enlargement of jaw and other facial bones; overgrowth ofbone and cartilage in the joints, causing arthritisback pain, and curvature of the spine (kyphosis); swelling of the face, lips, and tongue; breathing problems during sleep (sleep apnea); thickening of the skin; carpal tunnel and other nerve entrapmentsyn
  • Untreated, acromegaly is linked to early heart diseasehigh blood pressureheart rhythm disordersdiabetes, and colonic polyps, a precursor of colon cancer.

I’ve changed up the shirt only in that the text is now a light gray which allowed me some alternative color choices on the shirt. I know, so fashionable of me ;  )  HELP SPREAD AWARENESS!!

Do you have a rare disease? Tell me about it!

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