I don’t just try and solicit T-shirt sales for Acromegaly – Rare Disease Awareness (but I’m doing that too). Second Awareness T-shirt Campaign! Acro-What?2

I walk the walk – CHARITY, do you know her?

When you’re home, sick… chronic, you lose your worth in others eyes —everyone denies it but it is true. I am not saying this is a never and always but it is true none-the-less.

I can do some freelance work but I’ve missed opportunities because I don’t work full-time —didn’t have a website. That was a 2016 New Year’s resolution. ViveLaFranceNC.com. (I need to do a few updates but that’s OK at least there is an online portfolio)

People don’t want to pay me my worth. That’s OK –I won’t work for them. But give me someone in need and I’m all about it. Things that FHOC_logo_rd3speak to my heart. Several nonprofits are in my portfolio. A few times grant money came in for non-profit design which is always a lovely bonus. Others, my soul told me too. Family Outreach of Horry County tugs at my heart strings. To many people look the other way. Don’t…  

But why am I writing this… Because through people’s conscious or unconscious thoughts, my abilities have diminished or have been forgotten…

But I know who I am.

I know my worth. And as a sick and financially challenged person I find away.

Do you know what is fulfilling —CHARITY! What can I do? I have no car. I can’t get to a soup kitchen or stand very long. I can’t give blood (who would want it). I can’t commit to an hour, at the same time, every week at the local school (truly wish I could be around children but they need committment and I cannot commit). I have my time and my talent. All things being relative ...time is something that moves in strange ways when you’re ill.

I finally found a place where my time and talent is consistently used and is purely out of faith, love and charity. My parish church.

Funny how poorly designed church bulletins can drive me crazy! But last year I offered my design services for a woman’s conference and joined the committee. But one lovely lady is the Director of Adult and Family Programs. I said ask and she does… And I freely, lovingly and joyfully practice charitable giving of my time and God-given talents. Flyers! (oh my how exciting) they look good! Posters and events. Currently working on a new logo for the women’s conference. It’s good to have a safe place. They know my situation so it’s not stressful if I can’t. img_3123

I am sick. I am tired. But I have worth. I have gifts to share as do you….all of us with chronic illness.

Find something you believe in and give of yourself because you are valuable.

Try it. It’s truly a wonderful medicine.

I give and I give in as many ways a I can. And I donate $1 or $5 where I can and support t-shirt campaigns too.  I truly would like to raise awareness for Acromegaly. Will you help me? Buy a shirt and wear it out in public! New colors ready for spring and summer. Text is in light gray. (don’t love that you can’t zoom in and see for sure) Second Awareness T-shirt Campaign! Acro-What?2

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