A mere 33 purchases from 19 people and a few added donations and I have a little nest egg to start a fund! No, I haven’t named it yet. So, no logo yet, either. I was given a challenge and I rose to the occasion! The importance of a logo is so lost on the “I can do it for free, myself, how hard can it be?… Art degree?… psst, no need” …and that is why we are assaulted everyday with nonsense, but I digress because that is a whole other topic. 

The first success is 33 shirts out there walking around with Acromegaly Awareness and an explanation! It is a small but mighty number because it exists. …Comical shirts with Andre the Giant aren’t raising awareness…maybe a little money, but still, no one knows what acro is. Let alone, pronounce it. And poor Andre the Giant, unless it’s a Princess Bride joke, let it pass. “Anybody Want a Peanut?”

Rubber bracelets will never raise awareness again. (The silicone wristband first became popular in 2004 with the Livestrong yellow band). 12 years is a long time for a fad to stick. Yellow bands are what first comes to my mind. How ’bout you? The ribbons, what color is for what? Wait, which shade of blue is that…? How do you stand out? Unless it’s pink…no one knows. …ok, zebra striped for all Rare Disease has some merit. 

People running these efforts need to understand branding…need to understand what people want, what people see… what people choose to see. The people who do not suffer from it or have someone associated with the disease are not interested!! They prefer “Messy Hair Don’t Care.” SIGH! Cute-ish…maybe… but not on a shirt.

Awareness Methods, like everything else, MUST EVOLVE.

Awareness takes people making a COMMITMENT.

Awareness takes people being SELFLESS.

Awareness takes EFFORT. 


If you’re ALL IN, especially, (but not only) people with Acromegaly please reach out to me.