Day 24 #wegohealth #hawmc

Choose three images that represent your health focus. Explain why you chose each of them.

Farm raised brown chicken eggs

EAT ORGANIC! EAT PALEO! (Yes cheat a bit but just a bit)

Farm fresh eggs, pasture raised, no grains. Eggs—the way God intended! Chickens are omnivores! No chemicals to be endocrine disruptors. Good fat and protein. Nutrition is our number one health defense!

Hands and legs of young woman doing yoga barefoot


We are meant to move! With illness we forget to take deep breaths, stretch, walk… Without movement our bodies become stuck —it makes pain worse. We don’t even realize our lack of movement causes more pain. It hurts to turn your head so you make a point not to move but we’re meant to …so the headache gets worse. We end up in more pain and don’t even realize why. Pain patterns develop, other body parts are compensating, facia is bunching up, muscles are cramping, muscles are atrophying…it’s overwhelming what lack of moment can do! Every day I try to move. True, some days it is not possible but it’s always on the list. Breath deeply….funny this one needs a reminder! Someday it will be real exercise.

staiway in forest disappearing in strong fog

WANDERLUST —my souls desire. To travel again —to keep dreaming, keep moving forward. Explore more. Dream. Hope. 


Sidenote: respect copyrights. As a graphic designer I understand, respect and adhere to the copyright rules. All photos are licensed. Just because it’s on the web and you know how to download it doesn’t mean you can. If you don’t know the rules learn them or ask for help! And show respect.