Day 22 #WEGOhealth #HAWMC #hashtag

Tip Tuesday: Have You Mastered the Hashtag#?

Before starting this challenge I asked for advice from people who post regularly, on all kinds of subjects… with followers and hearts —best advice, Think Of Everything and ###.

Since my blog isn’t JUST about life with acromegaly but lifestyle I’ve learned to incorportate everything! So when my post involves art, design, alternative therapies, paleo, organic… They all get hashtags. I’m really enjoying seeing who I reach. It’s kind of exciting. I wish Instagram had a live link! I’m having fun and have a few followers on the blog and lots of hearts on IG, some new twitter followers —we’ll see where I am in a year! I’m pretty happy with what I’ve achieved in the last month. 

Funny, who you get when your post #CBDOil! I love alternative lifestyle, wellness gurus! It’s awesome to be recognized by people without any chronic illness and on the flip side when rare disease organizations take note… doctors too.

I have a long way to go, so I’m looking forward to posts from others in this challenge with more experience!!