Challenge Day 6 #wegohealth #HAWMC

If I had a superpower —wow, not a me, kinda thing. I tend towards realism —I wish… I pray… But there so many things to make life better… The power for world peace anyone?

I asked my husband Paul. He likes superheroes —He said I’d have telekinesis and start with good intentions but then I’d force people to bend to my will. LOL

Of course I thought about pain and illness, greed and evil. How can this be wrapped into one superpower? Then, yesterday, I taught an essential oils class. One woman epitomized selflessness. Her 14 yr old son is non-verbal-autistic with the same rare disease she has, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She and her husband also took an in an abused, nonverbal, 23-year-old autistic man with no family. Without any details that is enough to elicit change!

How could I want a superpower to be anything less then the power to heal… Pain, illness, heartbreak. But that superpower is not about comic heroes it’s about God, miracles, faith and hope.


All rare diseases need their names to be known. Please share my efforts to help spread the word about Acromegaly   If you have a campaign please let me know. We need to work together! acro_what_campaign_fb